Happily Ever Slasher Goes to Summer Camp

This summer, Happily Ever Slasher is going to camp! You know we love a theme. And since we’re spending this summer mostly indoors and six feet away from other people, we couldn’t think of anything more the opposite of that than summer camp.

Ahh throwing a dozen pre-teens in varying stages of puberty together in tiny poorly ventilated cabins crammed with bunk beds – what could go wrong?! And don’t get us started on the food. But turns out movies LIE and the real-life summer camp dining experience rarely dissolves into cafeteria-wide food fights.

Every episode, we compare one rom-com and one horror movie to find out just how much they have in common – and turns out there are A LOT of movies in both genres set at camp. Note: not all of the movies we’ve chosen take place at camp – our criteria was one film per episode. But two of our pairings even offer up double features of summer camp goodness!

The prevalence of camp in both rom-coms and horror makes sense if you think about it. Summer camps are full of promise and opportunities for young love to blossom, but they also give a questionable amount of responsibility to teen counselors tasked with keeping tabs on a whole lot of small children.

So we chose some of our favorite camp classics – FRIDAY THE 13TH and THE PARENT TRAP – for a camp mash-up of the good, the bad, and the absolutely terrifying.  We for sure missed a lot of others, so if we didn’t get to your fave camp movie, please share and we’ll do this again next summer. (NOTE: We had an episode on SLEEPAWAY CAMP and LITTLE DARLINGS that was lost. We’re still not over it, but will definitely be revisiting.)

The episodes:

Friday the 13th* and Wet Hot American Summer*

Us and The Parent Trap*

Lord of the Flies and Camp Nowhere* 

*Camp movies!

Going to summer camp in a movie is LIFE CHANGING. From coming of age at Camp Little Wolf to reuniting with your long-lost twin sister at Camp Walden to being prey to a camp killer at Camp Crystal Lake, camp always results in a summer you won’t soon forget. Unless you’re one of the aforementioned killers’ victims…

So defrost those corn dogs that expired in 2017, put on your best 80s short shorts and join us as we head to camp.

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