Camp Nowhere & Lord of the Flies

It’s another week at Camp Happily Ever Slasher. And this week, we’re going back to the 90s with two movies about what happens when kids are left to their own devices… with very different results. We’re talking about the batshit crazy Christopher Lloyd-fronted comedy CAMP NOWHERE (1994) and the film adaptation of LORD OF THE FLIES (1990).

Both movies feature groups of kids surviving on their own with the presence of one adult who is in no condition to be responsible for multiple children. (In LORD OF THE FLIES, this character is critically injured and dies halfway through; in CAMP NOWHERE it’s Christopher Lloyd.)

What is it about Christopher Lloyd befriending a plucky high school kid that is just always so damn good? Also, how does CAMP NOWHERE have a *checks notes* 18% on Rotten Tomatoes? It’s a national treasure!

The lesson this week? Growing up is a trap. Sure, we can make our own bedtime and eat whatever we want – but at what cost?! Are adults *actually* smarter than any of these minors? We want to say yes, but LORD OF THE FLIES feels weirdly relevant. Pass the conch and join us, won’t you?

Episode Notes:  

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