Vertigo & Heartbreakers

Crime doesn’t pay… or does it? This week, we’re talking about women and the men they trick to fall in love with them as part of unnecessarily complicated schemes – It’s the 1958 Hitchcock classic VERTIGO and the 2001 rom-com HEARTBREAKERS.

While you wouldn’t think one of AFI’s top 10 films of all time would have much in common with a schlocky Jennifer Love Hewitt-fronted rom-com from the early aughts, you would be mistaken. The plots are uncannily similar. It’s almost like they’re the exact same person but with a different hairstyle.

It’s a tale as old as time: Girl tricks boy, boy is much too easily conned, girl falls for boy… How are these men so easy to dupe? They know absolutely nothing about these women. And would it be more or less believable if we just replaced them all with Chad from SNL?

Uh ok. So what did we learn? Change your hair, change your life. Only amateurs save souvenirs from previous cons. And never, we repeat, never fall for your mark.

Theme song: Written by Tara Clune, Amanda Festa and Ryan Hirsh; Performed by Brooke Parker and Ryan Hirsh.