Twilight & Fear

Repeat after us… stalking is not romantic. This week, we’re talking two first love cautionary tales – both involving high school girls falling for possessive older men who are also definitely murderers. It’s the 2008 box office hit TWILIGHT and the 1996 Marky Mark-led thriller FEAR.

Who would have thought a teen vampire romance would have so much in common with a 90s psychological thriller? And we’re not just talking about the fact that they both take place in Washington and are scored by the same composer – two things we didn’t know when we picked them for this episode.

In this very special super-sized episode of the podcast, we reflect on some of the most nostalgic and cringey movies of our youth. And we have some questions. Like what movie did Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson think they were signing up for? Can Mark Wahlberg play a character who’s not from Boston, or do they have to write an East Coast backstory into all his roles to justify the accent? And how is everyone okay with Edward climbing into Bella’s window and watching her sleep for MONTHS without her consent.

So what did we learn? Aggressive stalking is not a healthy start to any relationship. Never give out your alarm code. And if he scares you, don’t question it, just run.

Theme song: Written by Tara Clune, Amanda Festa and Ryan Hirsh; Performed by Brooke Parker and Ryan Hirsh.