It Follows & Easy A

Sex has consequences, whether you have it or not. This week, Tara and Amanda take on the 2010 rom-com EASY A and the 2014 horror favorite IT FOLLOWS and share the v important lessons learned in the process.

First up, it’s the disturbing tale of a high school prostitution racket gone wrong… and we’ll get to the horror movie too. It’s the 2010 Emma Stone and Penn Badgley fronted rom-com, “Easy A!” And if you’re wondering what could possibly be more terrifying – it’s the sexually transmitted curse that no health class prepared us for – 2014 horror favorite “It Follows!” So put on your best corset with hand-stitched Scarlet Letter, jump into your pristine-condition vintage car, and join us.

Theme song: Written by Tara Clune, Amanda Festa and Ryan Hirsh; Performed by Brooke Parker and Ryan Hirsh.