While You Were Sleeping is a Horror Movie

The title alone is a straight-up horror movie. So how was WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING a 90s rom-com classic? This week, we’re here to prove it’s more like a psychological thriller.

If you grew up swooning over Sandy B deceiving a grieving family to find love, this is the podcast for you. Because, same. If Sandra Bullock, Bill Pullman and Peter Gallagher weren’t charming AF, would this even be a movie?

Amanda and Brooke debate which of the characters (who are all 100% psychopaths) is the least problematic. Spoiler alert, it’s definitely not Joe Jr.

Let’s revisit this 90s staple from an older, wiser perspective and all agree that it would have been better served by embracing the fact that it’s actually terrifying.

Episode Notes:  

The article where Brooke found some of the facts we chat about.