Rosemary’s Baby & Juno

Oh, baby! Break out the hamburger phone and novelty “it’s a demon!” cigars for an episode 9 months in the making. We’re talking about the 2007 rom-com JUNO and the 1968 horror classic ROSEMARY’S BABY.

You may not immediately think a quirky early-aughts comedy and a satanic horror film from the 1960s would have much in common, but think again. Both movies involve complicated pregnancies and eccentric older couples who are extra invested in the baby.

We’re tackling the tough topics, like are either of these movies pro-choice? And how surprised are you that the more pro-choice film may have been made by Roman Polanski? But don’t worry, we’re also tackling the not-so-tough topics… like anagrams. Clever plot device or lazy writing?

So pour yourself a Tannis root smoothie or grab that family-size jug of Sunny D and join us.