Pretty Woman & Body Double

It’s our 10th episode! And in honor of this milestone, we’re tackling one of the most iconic AND most problematic romantic comedies ever made… It’s the classic tale of girl meets boy, boy pays girl $3,000 – PRETTY WOMAN (1990). And, alongside it, we’ve got a neo-noir erotic thriller, BODY DOUBLE (1984).

Both movies feature Hollywood-based sex workers being paid to play a role that’s not quite what they signed up for. In one, it’s an unrealistic love affair, in the other, it’s a needlessly complicated murder plot. Both are equally absurd.

And there are so many unknowns… like what do any of the female characters in either of these movies want – aside from helping men with their problems? How many times did Brian DePalma jerk off to VERTIGO while writing the script for BODY DOUBLE? And who needs the Bechdel test when a woman doesn’t even speak words for the first half of the film?

Can we call ourselves feminists and still enjoy these movies? (We can and we do.) But we can admit it’s a BIG problem. BIG. HUGE. The lesson this week: Life is not a fairytale. Princesses need to save themselves. So pry yourself away from the telescope and join us.

Episode Notes:

Spice up your quarantine TV repertoire with early 90s basic cable erotic crime drama Silk Stalkings. (Peep the first episode on YouTube.)

Theme song: Written by Tara Clune, Amanda Festa and Ryan Hirsh; Performed by Brooke Parker and Ryan Hirsh.