Gigli is a Horror Movie

We didn’t have a Bennifer reunion on our 2021 bingo card, but since we’re here, we thought we’d use this opportunity to discuss what’s often described as the “Worst Move Ever Made” – 2003’s GIGLI, or as we like to call it Fragile Masculinity: The Movie. If there was ever a romantic comedy that was *actually* a horror movie, it’s this iconic flop that brought Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez together. Join us, won’t you, as we travel back in time to our lord’s year, 2003.

Gigli stars Ben Affleck as a self-centered misogynist who refuses to accept that the object of his affection (played by JLo, duh) is gay no matter how many times she tells him. But, in his defense, the movie doesn’t believe her either. It’s like no one on this film saw Chasing Amy – oh wait.

But don’t worry, if anything is less convincing than the romance, it’s the plot. Alas, one good thing came from this flaming pile of garbage – it brought J Lo and Ben Affleck together. And if anyone can find true love while making this dumpster fire of a film, we have to believe it’s the real thing. So here’s to those two crazy kids making it work in 2021. We’re here for this reboot – but please, for the love of film and feminism and all things good, let’s hope they don’t give us a Gigli sequel.

Episode notes:

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