Black Christmas & The House Bunny

We’re your family now…. This week, we’re getting into the holiday spirit – 2000s style with two movies about orphans finding their own family in a group of unsuspecting sorority girls. So grab your low-rise Santa suit with rhinestone bedazzled buckle and hold onto your eyeballs as we go back to school just in time for winter break with BLACK CHRISTMAS (2006). And since we’ve been extra aughty this year, we’re comparing it to that other 2000s sorority classic, THE HOUSE BUNNY (2008).

Join us as we ask the hard questions like how feminist are these two girl-powered movies and can a candy cane *actually* be used as a shiv? We also call back to BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) because it’s actually a true holiday classic.

Episode Notes:

This interview with THE HOUSE BUNNY writers Kirsten Smith & Karen McCullah Lutz 10 years after the film’s release.

IMDb Trivia about Dean Friss being cast as Agnes in BLACK CHRISTMAS.